Since 2001 Flavorshop and choreographer LENNY LEN have supplied dance workshops, choreographic works, dance events, artistic direction and development worldwide, and is now bringing its expertise into the area of online education. A pay per view on-demand platform which houses the Flavorshop library of tutorials taught by LENNY LEN will be available to every student, teacher, small town, city, and dance studio around the world.

Each dance video tutorial is shot from the optimal perspective relative to one who is in a live class behind the choreographer, simulating a live in-studio experience. The option to pause and rewind allows dancers to learn at their own pace. Computer to projector link enables facilitation of full sized classrooms and/or dance spaces of students. Public and Catholic school dance programs will now have a resource which they can call upon to satisfy school board art and physical education requirements. The website’s video library is easy to use, and the videos themselves are stylish, each leveraging the cinematographic style of Lenny’s experience in music video direction. Lenny personally edits each class into a captivating, clear and learnable video tool. Detailed breakdowns, tips, tricks and half-time versions of the choreography are at every user’s fingertips. New content is uploaded weekly, in addition to the bonus music videos starring Flavorshop dancers from all over the world. All visitors can sample previews of each tutorial and one full length dance video tutorial at no cost.

With high regard for quality education and the use of unique methods of developing the mind and body, FLAVORSHOP has fostered a kaleidescope of champions in various lanes of the industry including grammy award winning singer/songwriters NASRI (MAGIC!) and AUGUST RIGO (J.BIEBER/ONE DIRECTION) and world champion dance groups PHILIPPINE ALLSTARS, BUCCnFLVR and ILLEST VIBE. Lenny Len has developed his program of education through 25 years of experience as a B-BOY (RAGGAMUPPET KLAN) in San Francisco, a professional dancer mentored by the legendary LUTHER BROWN (DODAT) in Toronto and has been diligent in his search for ways to edify the artist community and turn on their light of discovery.

“ Get into the headspace of discovery.. everything changes. It’s about learning how to learn.. “
Lenny Len


FLAVORSHOP leads the way in bringing innovative and effective methods of education through music, dance, and film for all ages and levels of experience. Lenny Len has travelled worldwide sharing his awareness and love for the art forms. To this day we continue to see these seeds mature into incredible success stories.

“The biggest obstacle to creativity is breaking through the barrier of disbelief. ”
Rodney Mullen

Welcome to the world of FLAVOR.

Check out these classic videos!




Dancers and Studios Worldwide will now have the opportunity to learn timeless FlavorShop material  taught by soul choreographer Lenny Len. A library of dance video tutorials are available at the click of your mouse!

The FLAVORSHOP guarantee:
You will never hear music the same.

(Studio Subscription Packages are available for studios to bring the Teachings of Lenny Len to their students for consistent development and higher learning.)






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